Sales / Distribution opportunity

Regional Florida magazine looking for someone who wants out of the employee rat-race. 

Our coastal publication is almost 17 years old and by far the most successful business of its kind in Florida. We’ve been based in Lee County till recently when we decided to duplicate around the state. The paper’s name has been “The Nautical Mile” since 2003 and is being modified to the “Florida Coaster” with each edition representing each of Florida’s named coasts. The newest edition covers from Port Charlotte through Bradenton, Florida’s “Cultural Coast.” 

This is NOT a traditional “job” with a weekly paycheck, and it’s not about “selling.” It’s about building long-term relationships with clients and developing a time friendly income base. We’re looking for someone who wants more than a paycheck and interested in being part of what we’re building. As we grow we’ll be looking for people interested in franchising this project nationwide, which may be you, but currently we’re only looking to fill a sales/distribution position for the Cultural Coast area.  

Your responsibilities would be bringing in new advertising accounts, and to manage distribution from Punta Gorda through Bradenton. We would also ask that you find upcoming coastal happenings in the area so we can add them to an ongoing calendar, and be willing to occasionally host a table display at coastal trade shows. Our SW Florida office will manage graphics, accounting, billing, newsletters, promotions, websites, etc. Pay is commission only. This entire region of the state would be exclusive to one applicant. Prove yourself to be moral, responsible, and willing to work, and we’ll talk about the Cultural Coast edition being your own business.

Income: Monthly press cost is subtracted from advertising income, commission is a 50/50 split with the office. Increase after a 90-day character evaluation. 

Our product is not something which has to be continually re-sold daily. Our annual client retention in Lee County has been nearly 100% for over 15 years. When clients stay your work-load drastically decreases and your job becomes part-time maintenance while you continue to receive full time pay. Numbers can’t be promised, but realistically one can easily earn $4-6k/month working part time. 


In person interviews only-

Email our office with your contact information and we’ll set up a time to meet in person.